4 Simple Yet Effective Facebook Advertising Hacks You Must Try

Facebook is among the biggest and most powerful marketing platforms today. Aside from being the home to billions of users, it also offers a plethora of advertising tools that companies like yours can leverage. 


It’s also worth mentioning that advertising your brand on Facebook is cost-effective. It allows you to reach your target audience with relatively lower costs and more convenience compared to other platforms. 


On that note, it pays to remember that you will enjoy more benefits if you know how to use the platform properly. Chances are that you already have a Facebook business page—but you haven’t used it to its fullest potential yet. 


To help you bring your Facebook advertising in London up a notch and unlock more wins, here are some simple yet effective hacks worth trying: 


  1. Encourage Engagement With Your Posts 


You will only achieve more with your social media posts if you boost engagement on them. Fortunately, doing this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. 


All you need to do is constantly encourage your audience to like, share, and comment on the posts you upload. In the same way, you also need to interact with your followers by reacting or commenting on their posts. 


Ultimately, you may click that ‘Boost’ button you see in your posts. This lets you pay a certain amount to bring that specific post in front of more users. 


All of these efforts will help you increase your brand visibility and spread the word about your business. 


  1. Utilise Facebook Ads 


Another way to get the most out of Facebook is to utilise Facebook Ads. Take note, however, that this is entirely different from boosted posts, which was discussed in the first item. 


Facebook ads provide you with highly specific targeting options. Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can choose who to show your ads to based on users’ interests, behaviours, demographics, age, locations, languages, and more. Ultimately, this tool enables you to create more thought-out campaigns. 


If you are not confident in handling these paid ad campaigns on your own, enlisting the expertise of a remote digital agency is a perfectly valid alternative. 


  1. Use Only High-Quality Multimedia Materials 


It pays to remember that the photo or video that you share could be the first thing a prospect would see about your brand. What they see will then significantly shape their opinion of who you are and what you do. With this, sharing substandard photos or videos is a lot like ruining your image and driving customers away. 


On the other hand, uploading high-quality multimedia materials will help your audience get a more positive picture of your firm. Ultimately, this can also help build trust among them. 


  1. Interact With Your Audience by Going Live 


Keeping your audience engaged with your posts is good. However, if you’re looking to take that engagement to the next level, going live is worth exploring. 


Lives give you a great platform to interact with your audience in real-time. You can also use this to announce your latest updates, promos, or even an upcoming sale. Ultimately, you can use this to stay in touch with your audience and continue to generate brand awareness.




Facebook has undergone enhancements over the years, making it one of today’s best advertising platforms. It offers various functionalities that you can use to hit your goals. On that note, you must strive to get the most out of these features. Follow the tips mentioned above and explore new tricks and you’ll be well on your way to taking your digital advertising to the next level!  


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