4 Email Marketing Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Email marketing was one of the most popular and effective ways to promote your business. During the early days of the Internet, people excitedly checked their email for new offers from companies that often advertised special deals and discounts. Today, however, email marketing has fallen in favour of social media marketing and other digital advertising forms because of the untrue belief that it is no longer sufficient.


One of the most harmful things a business can do is to believe marketing myths that ultimately backfire. While social media is practical in its own right, email marketing serves a function that no other advertising forms can. Here are four email marketing myths that you shouldn’t fall victim to:

  • Consumers Receive Too Many Emails


Although people indeed receive many emails, many businesses mistakenly believe that their audience receives one too many emails, making them refuse to add to a growing list of unread messages in their inbox. However, the reality is that around 60 per cent of people get less than six emails every day from credible, trusted brands. The remaining 40 per cent received less than three emails! With these statistics, email marketing remains a viable way to reach your target audience without worrying about spamming. Of course, it’s essential to do everything in moderation!

  • It’s Best to Send Emails at 3 PM on Thursdays


People often argue about the best hours to send marketing emails and insist that mid-afternoon on a Thursday is the most advantageous time. While this may have been true at one point, thousands of businesses have begun to launch their email campaigns at this time, overwhelming consumers! 


Since around 85 per cent of people read their emails around two days after they receive it, the concept of “the best time” to send an email truly falls flat. It’s also important to note that 21 per cent of purchases occur within two days of opening the email, and 32 per cent happen after two weeks. By working with a cloud digital agency, you can discover the most strategic times to send your emails and enjoy increased open rates.

  • Customers Always Flag Emails as Spam


Most companies are afraid of having their emails marked as spam by their customers, so they hesitate to launch email marketing campaigns. After all, if a customer flags an email for spam, it can pose a significant obstacle in your strategy. However, the statistics are on your side; less than 0.05 per cent of people hit the spam button on company emails, making these chances very low. You have nothing to worry about if you provide useful, informative content; however, if your emails keep getting flagged as spam, it’s worth addressing.  

  • Shorter Subject Lines are Always Better


The principle of “less is more” applies to most things, but not entirely regarding titles and subject lines. Putting a short subject line may not convey enough information to convince your customer to open the email, so it’s best to stick to one that’s 60 to 70 characters long. Although writing a subject line that’s less than 60 characters is ideal since it increases your open rate, subject lines with around 70 characters or more have shown an increase in click-through rates. Since the end goal is to convert more people, you’ll want to provide more practical details in your subject. 




Email marketing still has its special purposes in an age of social media advertising, geotargeting, and other forms of digital advertising. Any remote digital agency worth its salt will tell you the value of email marketing, no matter how outdated some people may think it is. With all the benefits it offers, it should definitely be part of your marketing strategy. 


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