4 Crucial Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement for Your Business

A majority of businesses today have realised the potential of using an active social media presence as a tool to help them market their business. In such an effort, merely being present digitally is never enough—you must keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to offer. Seeking the help of a cloud digital agency focused on marketing your business can help you spruce up your social media presence!


Social media engagement is, in its essence, not unlike having a dinner party where you welcome people and converse with them. Having a strong social presence online is a good sign that you’re finally making an impact in a fast-paced and volatile market. 


Here are a few tips to give your social media efforts the boost it needs to keep your audiences interested.


Support User-Generated Content


You may have your company name plastered all over your social media accounts, but it’s not always about you. Your audience will always have something to share and post about your business, and you should take advantage of that. 


User-generated content is whatever content your audience creates that can be shared on your brand’s social media. This is an excellent strategy because it encourages users to interact with you. Your audience will enjoy being noticed by their favourite brand while seeing other people appreciate it as well.


Timing Is Everything


It’s important to post regularly if you want your audience to stay engaged. A typical remote digital agency managing a social media account will follow a strict schedule to publish new posts at regular time intervals. Sometimes, they have a new post at the top of every hour. While this seems okay, a lot of other pages follow the same type of schedule too. This means that a flood of posts can easily bury anything interesting that you want to share!


A more unusual but effective approach is to post at random time intervals without a specific pattern. Instead of posting at the top of every hour, try publishing a post at 11:18 or 4:43. You get to avoid the rush whenever the flood gate of posts opens so that people can actually see what you wanted to share.


Don’t Overuse Hashtags and Tagging


The hashtag function commonly present in social media platforms is a powerful tool that can be easily abused. 


Spamming 20 or more hashtags in a single post will only do more harm than good. It’s best to use only the most relevant hashtags that actually have traction in whatever niche your posts fit. Remember, hashtags are used to track and organise your posts so people can easily find them.


Additionally, tagging other companies, personalities, thought leaders, and influencers should be used in the same manner as hashtags. You also need to be cautious and selective on who you tag, or you might get blocked if you abuse it.


Keep the Conversation Flowing


As mentioned above, social media engagement is like having meaningful conversations at a dinner party. You don’t just post content and leave it at that—conversations are two-way streets, so you need to spend enough time conversing with your followers too. If you have thousands or even millions of followers, that may be a bit challenging, but you should still try to acknowledge and reply to whatever you can!


Whenever you comment back and respond, use the person’s name to address them. Your audience will feel more connected to your business, keeping them engaged and committed.




Remember, social media engagement is all about building relationships with your audience. As its name suggests, socialising with your followers is at the centre of it all! You may have a lot of good content and insights to share, but it won’t matter unless your audience is interested in what you have to say. 


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