3 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Reach

Facebook is a social media giant with over 1.8 billion active users, making it one of the most powerful advertising channels. Marketers from start-ups and fortune companies use it as their primary platform to reach a broad audience range. Still, the best part is its robust ad system that allows brands to hyper-target on specific demographics to ensure their campaigns align with their readers. 


While Facebook ads can display your promotion to a massive market, driving up your ad reach is not as straightforward as it seems. The average rate for organic reach only unlocks six per cent of Facebook’s potential, so it’s crucial to support your Facebook ad’s performance by incorporating the following pointers: 


Tip #1: Know When to Expand or Exclude your Target Audience


Facebook has a sophisticated targeting strategy, but focusing on your top-performing readers can quickly make your reach go stale. Don’t let tunnel vision keep you from expanding your reach, which you can do by discovering new prospects by including at least three per cent of “lookalike” audiences in your targeting strategy.


This will tap into readers with similar interests as your high-value seed audience, allowing you to cycle engage relevant audiences without limiting your exposure online. Look into demographic-specific interests and competitor tagging to ensure you have a quality and progressive client base. 


Tip #2: Focus on Producing Relevant Ads


Rating your Facebook ad’s performance was limited to its relevance, but fortunately, Facebook now tracks progress using three granular metrics: quality rating, engagement rate ranking, and conversion rate ranking.


This increases the marketer’s ability to analyse your ad’s data, making it easier to gather insights that provide more actionable value for your business. Utilising this can help you hone critical elements of your campaign – from its originality, relevance, and quality – all of which are crucial in boosting your ad’s performance. 


Tip #3: Focus on Paying for Results, Not Impressions!


Getting your campaigns in your target market’s Facebook feed is only half the battle, but a glance at your ad isn’t worth the price you pay for impressions. Instead of focusing on the number of people who see your ad, you can optimise your campaign and ensure you can increase the ROI by paying for the ad’s engagement rate.


The Bottom Line: The Role of Facebook in Attracting Quality Leads 


Advertising on Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that can make a world of difference in your bottom line. The best ads can reach your target audience and generate engagement, all of which should push you forward to your business goals. 


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