3 Tips to Use For Your Next Facebook PPC Campaign

Over the past year, Facebook’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform has gone through a few radical changes, every new update shaping and affecting the way people carry out campaigns. With the introduction of new and improved PPC features, Facebook has levelled the playing field and allowed every digital marketer to gain a significant advantage. 

The problem, however, is that most online businesses and digital marketing campaigns fail to take advantage of the newest PPC simply because they’re unable to navigate the changes. Fortunately, the right knowledge is sure to bring about better rates and greater results. 

To ensure that your next PPC campaign is as successful as possible, here are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind:

Tip #1: Shift your focus from keywords to building effective audience segments 

Ever since the daw on PPC advertising, keyword targeting has been a search engine marketing (SEM) staple for finding quality audiences. This year, however, things have changed. Thanks to Facebook’s lastest tweaks, there is now a way other than keywords to target the right audience. In the past year alone, audience targeting has proven to be a tried-and-tested method for attracting qualified leads and driving higher conversion rates. 

By extensively using audience targeting in your PPC campaigns, it will be easier to compile high-quality, detailed audience data which can then be used for fine-tuning other digital marketing efforts. Every mapped-out segment is an opportunity for audience-centric content creation, making it easier to create relevant messages and engage readers. As revolutionary as it has proven to be, audience targeting has only shown a fragment of its potential. There is so much more that it can do to create PPC strategies that get the right results. If you haven’t done so in a while, consider brushing up on the mechanics of audience targeting—this approach will be sticking around!

Tip #2: Accept automation and use it to your advantage

With Facebook taking an automation-based approach that emphasizes convenience, it should be no surprise that incorporating automated practices is incentivized. Through the use of its Pixel system, Facebook automatically shows the right types of products to customers and users that previously visited your website. In addition to the platform’s already-automated built-in ad capabilities, Facebook continues to ensure that its other tools are taking the route of convenience for campaign task automation. Additionally, incorporating automation into your PPC strategy makes it easier to spend less time on bid management. As a result, you have more time to put towards other crucial tasks such as copy and strategy development.

Tip #3: Reap the rewards of cross-channel initiatives

Frankly speaking, PPC advertising is never going to be a one-move-or-channel-fits-all type of process, especially because the aspect of customization is as important as ever. With one of the biggest audiences on the internet, Facebook creates a sense of urgency. Digital marketers must act on the opportunity to customize their offerings to consumer needs. By extending your traditional search campaigns to the Facebook audience, it will be much easier to generate double, triple, or even quadruple of your average conversion rates! Out of all the channels you use for reaping the rewards of cross-channel initiatives, the best combination to stick with is Facebook and Google as this will help you get the biggest, yet most precise crowd possible. 

The world of pay-per-click advertising is evolving as quickly as ever, with growing urgency for marketers to be well-aware of various game-changing trends. With these three tips, you can capitalize on the wealth of opportunities available on Facebook to generate more conversions, boost your sales, and forge an easier path to tread on in the years to come! 

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