3 Tips to Boost Email Marketing Efficiency – Our Guide

Email marketing is probably one of the most underutilised digital marketing strategies of the modern age. Many think that email subscriptions are an outdated medium for marketing—but this is in fact, untrue. Although social media presence and website management are the prime fronts of the digital marketing world, email marketing is still effective if used properly.


The trouble with email marketing is that many mistakenly believe this to be a “faster” form of snail mail—useful for sending messages, but only if opened. Thinking this way would under-utilise its functionality and the wide-usage of email in general. By shifting your practices to a more customer-centric approach, you can increase the efficiency of your email marketing strategy.


To help you fully utilise it, here are three tips to increase your email marketing efficiency.


Provide engaging content


By mistakenly thinking that email subscriptions are just a way of delivering ads, it creates a stigma that the email you send your customers is simply useless junk. email marketing isn’t just a medium for advertisement, but it’s a way for you to connect with your customers as well.


Focusing your email lists towards delivering useful information and content won’t only promote the spread of useful information, but you’ll also be creating an image of expertise in the minds of your customers. They’ll regard your email as something that can be enriching and knowledgeable rather than a simple bothersome advertisement. 


Engaging content will keep your subscribers hooked on your mail, increasing the likelihood that they will read your email. This, in turn, increases the chances of converting a lead—making it a successful marketing strategy.


Keep brand awareness in mind


If utilised properly, then email subscription lists can also be used for brand awareness. Apart from delivering useful information and product promotion, you can use it in a newsletter format to update your customers as to what your business is doing today. 


By taking the time for local updates on how your business impacts the community, your customers can perceive your brand in a different light, allowing for the opportunity to push for better brand development. Bridging this with the efforts of a remote digital marketing agency can direct your email marketing towards a full-fledged marketing and branding strategy.


Utilise good timing


More than simply sending your email at the right time, learn how often to send your email as well. Some businesses find value in sending daily email; which although is a tremendous effort, really pushes for good brand recognition. The trouble, however, is finding the balance that won’t annoy your consumers.


A majority of businesses find that weekly or monthly emails are enough to maintain brand recognition, while simultaneously keeping their emails away from the junk box. By focusing the timing to give good deals, discounts, vouchers, or coupons to your subscribers, you can also increase the efficacy of your email marketing strategies.




By shifting the trajectory of your email marketing toward a more customer-centric one, you allow for a more stable, measurable, and efficient strategy to take place. By following these three simple tips, you can transform a formerly dull and outdated strategy to an engaging medium for marketing.


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