3 Reasons To Choose a Digital PR Agency Over a Traditional One

The heightening advancements in technology have brought digital marketing to the forefront of businesses. Without appropriate digital marketing strategies, your business will simply fall out of relevancy in the ever-changing online trends. By taking on a digital marketing services company, you ensure the proliferation of your business.


One of the bigger facets of marketing is PR. Today, the trend of hiring digital PR agencies has risen—and while you may already have a traditional agency, this may not be enough. The two, while sharing a similar objective in bettering their client’s image and visibility, the glaring difference lies in usability.


Here are three of the biggest reasons why it’s absolutely necessary to hire a digital PR agency over a traditional one.


The use of technology brings different channels


It is understandable to hear that traditional PR agencies have started branching into the digital side, however, digital PR agencies already specialise in it, to begin with. With their specialisation in digital platforms, they have more channels to practice their craft. 


While it’s important to retain traditional media placements, the use of websites, blogs, and other online placements give digital PR practitioners the flexibility of delivering real-time messages through a global channel.


The utilisation of “two-way” dialogue


Digital PR agencies specialise in “two-way” dialogues with consumers, as compared to the “one-way” spoon-feeding information style of traditional PR agencies. Social media platforms have such wide connectivity that it offers businesses the unique position to converse directly with its customers. 


Through this particular channel, a digital PR agency can work their strategies and receive real-time results—allowing for even more opportunities for engagement. This, unfortunately, may not work with traditional set-ups, who are used to packaging their campaigns and leaving it for the consumer to digest on their own. The style of digital PR is more active and reactive, as compared to the carefully planned preparation that traditional styles employ.


The use of digital marketing strategies


Digital PR agencies aren’t only equipped with PR skills, they have to be well-versed in basic digital marketing strategies as well. Their objective of bringing their clients more visibility can only be maintained through the utilisation of techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as content management and creation.


By utilising the appropriate SEO practices, the quality content that they know will achieve traction that is optimised to gain the most views. The use of this with traditional PR skills allows you to improve your brand’s thought leadership positioning, pushing for greater impact across the various channels your agency has control over.




Utilising a digital PR agency for your business will definitely catapult your business’ online presence. For the best results, however, taking on both digital and traditional PR services is still the best strategy. While an added expense, your advertising campaigns won’t only have the best avenues for dispersal, it will be highly reactive and well-planned out.


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