3 Key Functions of Video Content in Social Media Marketing

When social media was first launched for public consumption, people were limited to posting only text and low-quality images. But as technology developed and more people joined these networks, the functions of social media also improved. Many host videos that are primarily for entertainment.


The implementation of videos on social media was seen as an opportunity by businesses to market their brand and products. After a while, producing content for social media meant making short, impactful, informative, and curiosity-inducing videos. 


According to a study, 85 percent of businesses use videos in social media as a marketing tool. Meanwhile, 92% of these businesses believe that utilising videos to promote social media is an essential part of their strategy.


Hubspot claims that 99 percent of marketers currently using videos on social media plan to continue this strategy while still effective. Most of them even plan on investing more in their social media content, cementing their approach in the marketing world. Social media video marketing is a trend that might just last.


The Importance of Video in Social Media Marketing

Moving pictures or videos have become a prevalent material in social media marketing. Video content now plays a vital role in marketing strategies aimed at younger generations. Once targeted correctly, the method can yield incredible results.

  • Helps in Reaching New Audiences

Generation Z or Gen Z now makes up 40 per cent of all consumers. Since they are younger, with a generational gap in between, they are more challenging to persuade than older generations. 

Most online marketers target this age group while thinking of various and new ways to reach them. Research in 2019 showed that an average Gen Z consumer spent at least 3.4 hours a day watching videos online, making them easy targets for brands who want to promote their products and services through videos on social media.

  • Tells a Story

Communicating with an audience doesn’t only require complex selling abilities. Sometimes, advertisements need emotions too. Videos produced with a great story can build an emotional connection, with dramatic results in customer retention figures. Brands see this as an opportunity to inject the products along with messages that are both entertaining and informative, making people think it’s worthwhile to watch and see.

  • Videos Provide an Impressive ROI

According to Hubspot, 88 percent of video marketers reported a positive ROI from their video marketing campaigns. It has increased from the past year, generating an 83 percent report of good ROI. 

In 2015, only a third of marketers reported that their statistics brought back great results from video marketing. The trend continues to go up, as well as the number of businesses taking the approach.


Social media’s ever-changing nature often gives marketers new ways to promote. Aside from a new way to promote, video marketing is also an excellent start for those with a lower budget. The power of video content in social media is undeniable, but luckily, it is more affordable. 

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