3 Events Marketing Ideas Perfect for the Holiday Season

Social media and events marketing are valuable this holiday season because most shoppers will be online. Yes, there may be some businesses that are slowly opening their doors even during the pandemic, but you may not expect the same volume of shoppers as you did last year. That’s why you need to invest in your social media events and marketing initiatives. 


This article will talk about three social media marketing events that you can host for your business. Take this as a starting point to take advantage of the holiday season buying trend and increase your profits and reach just in time to meet your last-quarter business goals for the year!

  • Online events hosted by influencers 


Digital influencers from platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and TikTok, have become part of many successful campaigns to either raise awareness on social issues or promote donation drives. 


For instance, YouTuber MrBeast pledged to donate 200,000 pounds to COVID-19 efforts through a live stream event. Other influencers also joined in the event, promoting COVID-19 awareness and increasing donations. Just imagine what your business can do when you choose to collaborate with an influencer. However, you do need to formulate a strategic plan to keep your brand’s best interests. 


As such, partner with a digital agency that can assist you with the influencer marketing event. They can provide you with their social media expertise and the research you need to ensure that you target your ideal customers. You can even use the event as a promotional means to talk about your holiday special products and services. That way, you can grow profits quickly and build a solid customer base. 

  • Online holiday-themed contests


Your business can get into the festive spirit of giving through contests—an effective way to get online users to participate and get to know your brand. You can also use the event as a means to talk about advocacies that you believe in and involve charities to empathise that your business is a giving, holiday-friendly company! 


You can also do online competitions to allow you to interact with your customers from social media and subconsciously entice them to buy your products. For instance, you can make the grand prize a limited edition holiday item that can only be either won or brought within a certain period. It grants you the ability to monopolise on brand retention and meet your customer acquisition projections!  

  • Live streaming from your business premises 


You may have customers who are concerned about their safety during these trying times. For instance, you may have family shoppers who just want to know what your business is doing to follow COVID-19 guidelines, like physical distancing and take-home options. One of the best ways to give your customers a look inside your store remotely is by live streaming on social media, like through Facebook and Instagram. 


Live streaming allows you to give users a closer look at your holiday shopping displays and answer live streaming comments. And before you know it, you will have new visitors to your physical store! Just pick a friendly employee and show everyone online that you have every customer’s best interests at heart, especially their safety! 




The holiday season may seem different this year, but your business can learn to adapt. All you have to do is take advantage of your social media presence and look into events and campaigns that can capture your target customers’ attention. 


Start conceptualising your marketing plans for the holidays today! 


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