3 Essential Points to Remember When Using Digital PR

For the longest time, public relations mainly involved striving to be published in the local paper or magazines. Consequently, PR specialists of organisations met with or sent pitches to big publications in the hopes of getting their stories printed. 


In recent years, however, people are shifting from a strictly traditional PR to a more digital one. Businesses and brands are now collaborating with cloud digital agencies and reaching out to online publications. Going down this route allows them to enjoy higher readership and better ways to track results. 


Utilising digital PR to boost your business’ reputation will be beneficial to your brand as a whole. It can help you boost your online presence and visibility, allowing you to expand your reach as a result. 


If you are still new to digital PR, here are some crucial points you must keep in mind to get started on the right track: 


  1. Social Media Can Boost Your Digital PR Efforts


Today, people use social media platforms for various purposes. They use it to not only connect with family and friends but also to follow their favourite brands or read customer reviews. They also get on various social platforms to share about things they value or feel strongly about. 


Considering this, you not only get success by having your PR work successfully published in an online publication. You will be able to see more results by promoting them on social media. Once it’s on your Facebook or Twitter page, it will be more accessible to your target audience. Consequently, once your target audience shares it on their personal social media, it will be more accessible to their contacts. 


As long as your content is great, it will surely and quickly be passed on from one person to the next!


  1. Your Digital PR Efforts Also Affect Your SEO Performance 


What you do to your online presence and reputation greatly impacts your SEO performance as well. 


Successfully promoting your brand through an article in an online publication can boost your credibility. On top of that, it can establish you as an expert on the topic you chose to talk about. All of these consequently help drive search activity about your brand. 


This may also drive traffic to your website, especially if the article contains a backlink to you. On top of that, it lets Google and other search engines know that your website is a trustworthy and reputable authority in your industry. If your article is published in a news publication site with a high domain authority, it helps boost your SEO performance even more. 


  1. There Are Different Types of PR Strategies You Can Employ


While building a press release around your current or upcoming campaigns is the most common PR strategy, there are other tactics you can use. 


For example, you can focus your PR campaign on how your brand relates to a trending topic at the moment. When you create a campaign that is timely and engaging, you increase your chances of getting picked up by news outlets. 


Aside from this, you can also answer journalist requests on HARO. Short for Help A Reporter Out, this online service helps news people find credible sources for their stories quickly. Making a successful pitch not only allows you to help journalists but also get that brand mention and backlink to your site. 




With the increasing popularity and use of digital media, the power of digital PR can no longer be overlooked. A successful campaign on digital platforms will allow you to tap a significantly larger pool of audience and while boosting your brand’s credibility. That said, this doesn’t imply that traditional PR tactics are not relevant anymore. You will need to marry both traditional and digital techniques to get real results and big visibility—both offline and online. 


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