2019’s Top 10 Ecommerce Trends Everyone Should Know

As everyone knows, eCommerce has revolutionised the retail industry. Though it was somewhat limited at its conception, over time it has made online shopping easier for modern consumers. With things such as customisation and digital payments, it is easy to see why so many shoppers are continuing to head online. This means that ecommerce stores need to do whatever they can to stand out from their competitors.

Ecommerce Trends to Look Out for in 2019

  1. Online Sales Are Continuing to Grow – Online shopping is hugely popular, with more people shopping online now than ever before. As shoppers become more confident with online shopping and as they learn to trust ecommerce stores, sales will continue to grow.
  2. Environmental Topics Are Influencing Buyers – There’s no denying that a lot of people are conscious of green consumerism, with half of consumers saying that environmental concerns impact what they buy online.
  3. Mobile Shopping is Bigger than Ever – Ecommerce success is hugely driven by mobile devices as they allow consumers to research products and shop from wherever they are. In order to keep up, brands need to make mobile shopping as easy and simple as possible.
  4. Voice Commerce is Becoming Popular – With voice commerce, consumers are able to select products by producing a verbal description of what they want. This means that there is less browsing being done before selecting a product. For a product to be selected, consumers need to trust that it’s the best.
  5. Social Media Still Has a Role – The number of people who shop using social media is continuing to grow, which means that it’s still a great way for brands to attract a new audience. Social media  gives even the smallest of brands the chance to be discovered.
  6. Increased Mobile Payments – Recently, mobile payments are being used more and more. It’s all part of the move towards a cashless society. So, brands need to keep up with this by providing consumers with a range of mobile payment options.
  7. Everyone’s Embracing Artificial Intelligence – A lot of brands are improving areas where AI can be used, such as customer service. AI can help with understanding how customers react to a product and how customers buy a product. It’s a worthwhile trend to invest in.
  8. Augmented Reality is Transforming Shopping – With AR, customers are able to get a better understanding of what they need and whether products meet their demands. It’s a great way for brands to stand out from competitors, as AR isn’t something that everyone has embraced as of yet.
  9. Personalisation is Key – Shoppers are now looking for a more personal online shopping experience. This means that accurately recommending products is a hugely important part of achieving customer satisfaction.
  10. Subscriptions are Booming – Subscriptions make online shopping a lot easier and more convenient for consumers, as there’s no need for them to think or remember to stock up. A range of items are already offered as a subscription by a number of ecommerce stores.

As you can see, there are a number of fantastic ecommerce trends that are worth taking note of. Whether all of them are adopted or just a select few, it’s sure to help any ecommerce store grow.