2 Ways to Enhance Experiential Marketing Events with Social Media Walls

Experiential marketing, in recent years, has gained traction, making it one of the most effective marketing strategies that any business can benefit from. While it may not necessarily be a new strategy, experiential marketing has become the focal point for offline marketing as of late due to its ability to uphold a customer-centred experience.

What is experiential marketing in the first place?

Characterised by its “outside-of-the-box” mentality, experiential marketing is an approach that mainly uses the sensation of experience in order to increase user engagement while enhancing brand retention. The main purpose of every experiential marketing event is to leave a lasting positive impression that helps influence and reinforce a purchasing decision among the attendees.

Here are a few examples of experiential marketing events that have helped businesses slingshot themselves towards success:

  • Art installations
  • Launch events
  • Pop-up shops
  • Surprises (such as reveals, interviews, and the like)

A common challenge

Thanks to a yearly increase of businesses investing in publicity events to reel in more customers, experiential marketing is now a staple strategy for every business’s PR efforts. Even so, the challenge is that it’s easy to come up with something that may feel old or overused—making it much harder to stand out.

Fortunately, standing out with an experiential marketing event doesn’t have to entail burning a hole in your pocket or buying out the competition as long as you have the right ideas to set you in the right direction. One of the different ways that you can make your experiential marketing event stand out from the rest of the competition is by using social media walls.

By installing a social media wall in your experiential marketing event, you provide a greater level of engagement and the prevalence of social media itself. There are a variety of different ways that you can use social media walls to your advantage—but using the most effective approaches are guaranteed to deliver results at a much faster pace.

To maximise a social media wall for long-term benefits, here are two ways that you can use it at your next experiential marketing event:

  1. Interactive competition

No matter how well-planned an event may be, nothing can possibly make it more engaging than an interactive challenge for the attendees. Having certain challenges with a competitive twist (such as a scavenger hunt) on your social media wall will bump up the overall experience that every attendee has. One great competition that you can post on a social media wall is a scavenger hunt filled with various tasks that have to be posted on social media, such as:

  • Taking a photo with other guests at the event
  • Searching for a secret person or object
  • Posting a few photos with the event hashtags
  • Posting short essays about the event on social media

2. Opportunities for real-time reactions

One of the best ways to maximise a social media wall at your experiential marketing event is to have attendants fully immerse themselves by documenting their actual experiences on social media. Regardless of whether your event seeks to overcome a challenge or answer a pressing question, providing opportunities for guests to share fun photos and descriptive captions can enhance the overall experience of being at the event. Additionally, incentivising your guests to post their real-time reactions to your event questions is also a cost-friendly way to document the experiential event itself.

Social media walls can help with enhancing the effectivity of your experiential marketing event by creating more opportunities for engagement with your event guests. The two aforementioned ideas can help with further maximising your social media wall’s potential for engagement, essentially making it much easier to gain results and stand out!

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