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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing that gets results.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

We use highly actionable data only to build the most relevant and valuable audiences for you.

Google AdWords (PPC)

Google AdWords (PPC)

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SEO should be an integral part of any strategy.

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“I have been impressed with Routes 4 Media’s ability to generate fast results, in what was a very difficult time frame.” – TMRW’s founder and serial entrepreneur, Francois

130% increase in enquiries | $70 Million+ in sales | Ad relevancy score of 9/10

The results included a combined social media following of over 140,000 engaged users!

The integrated digital strategy, drove online sales of £1 million + in the first 24 months and saw Lindy Bop’s social communities grow dramatically.

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  • Every business talks about it, most are doing it, but only few do it well. Whilst Social Media marketing may be on top of most marketer’s toolkit in 2018, the sad fact is that for most businesses, Social Media just doesn’t deliver the ROI businesses...

  • Social Media has come a long way since its arrival. What used to be a digital marketing channel solely reserved for the biggest brands as a way to generate awareness and increase brand value, it is now an essential marketing tool for business of every...

  • Let’s face it. Generating qualified leads from a digital marketing channel such as using Google’s Adwords isn’t always such an easy thing to do. Ask any business owner and they will tell you that PPC is sometimes quite a gamble. As often as not, clicks...

  • Marketing Using Social Media It is true that there are not many companies that would be better without some form of social media marketing strategy, including SMEs and start-ups, who this post is particularly aimed at. No kind of marketing strategy comes in a one-size...